In UK Cinemas from 2nd Feb' 2018

A group of friends find themselves in trouble when one receives a chit from the gangster that he owes money to. Amateur profiteer Bash finds himself in a life-threatening situation when he messes with local gang lord Zodiac. Things get worse when friends intervene and seek help from a con artist. After several failed attempts they execute a master plan, which unravels a dark secret. The film also features songs of well-known British Punjabi Bhangra band from Sahara, RDB as well as Bollywood famous singer Mika Singh.


  • Title: Parchi (2018)
  • Runtime: 2 hr 17 min (137 min)
  • Genre: Com-Action
  • Rating (15)
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Language: Urdu (English Subtitled)
  • UK Release : 2nd February 2018
  • General Release: 5th January 2018
  • Production : IRK Films, Arif Lakhani Films, ARY Films
  • UK Distributor : Jazba Entertainment Ltd.
  • Printed Film Format: DCP Digital Cinema Package
  • IMDB RATE 7.1

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  • Director: Azfar Jafri
  • Writer: Shafqat Khan
  • Producers: Imran Raza Kazmi, Hareem Farooq, Arif Lakhani
  • Stars: Hareem Farooq, Usman Mukhtar, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Ali Rehman, Shafqat Cheema

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  • Billo Hai | Parchi | Sahara feat Manj Musik & Nindy Kaur
  • Imagine | Mika Singh & Keka Goshal
  • Parchi | Rachid Baba Ahmed
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Parchi UK Trailler

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