Jazba Entertainment is a media production house, initially founded in 2005 as an event management company.  We then progressed and became an international music record label in 2006.

Our ambitious hard work continued over the years and in 2011 we joined hands with one of the largest and historic recording studios in the UK (Grosvenor Road Studios, Birmingham) in partnership with Arts Council England alongside the Birmingham-based International A cappella group Black Voices organization.

GRS Studios has 3 recording studios; outside of London, we have one of the largest live recording acoustic spaces (88 square feet). Our Birmingham based building has a deep musical historical past since 1943.  It has historical recording links with mainstream music iconic artists such as Sir Cliff Richard, The Beatles, Jamelia, UB40, Little Mix and has also provided the soundtrack theme music for Thunderbirds and Dr. Who.  The studios have wheelchair access, an open outdoor area for music gathering, private conversation spaces, conference rooms, and office spaces for hire.  We also offer on-site private parking as well as off-street free parking.  This building also offers spaces and projects to local communities with none or minimal charges.

In 2014 we released many upcoming local as well as established international artists from across the globe.  We have as a result expanded within Asia and now have new studio collaborations based in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad (Pakistan).   We have also produced and released exclusive theme music, film background music, TV music, and released many new independent songs within 2014.

Our music and video production activities have grown further in 2015 and with our extensive global reach, we collaborated with established Sufi singer Abida Parveen.  We also became an exclusive official label, promoter, and management company to many well-established South-Asian artists from all music genres such as Arif Lohar, Javed Bashir, Arieb Azhar, Asim Azhar, Waqar Ehsin, Jabar Abbas, Mehak Ali,  Aashiq Al Rasul, Sultan ul Qadria Qawwal, Zack Knight, Roach Killa, and Bakshi Brothers, to name a few, additionally we now have over 170 artists signed with us from across the globe.

In 2018, we also distributed our first-ever international feature film “Parchi” in the UK cinemas.  We have our own upcoming first international feature film production which is due to be released in 2021. Other upcoming films we have provided services from music, production to distribution are “Footprints on Water” “Rat on the Highway” “Danny” “Tum Hi Ho” and more yet to be announced.

Our event profile has over 50 events recorded in the past 14 years, mainly held in the UK, Pakistan, Kenya, South Africa, and Algeria.

Some of these events were: “Rhythms of Pakistan (2005)” – “Charity Event (2006)” – “AAR Live (2007)” – “Jazba; Passion in Spirit (2009)” – “Birchfield Talent (2011)” – “Acoustic Nights with Arieb Azhar (2013)” – “Acoustic Nights with Asim Azhar (2014)” – “Dub Qalandar (2015)” – “Bridges Across Borders (2016)” – “Rizwan Moazzam Qawwal (2017)” — “Diwali Blast (2017) — “Guru Randhawa Live (2018)” — “Jugni; The Return (2018)” — “Sigh of Musafir (2019)” — “Ladies Night; Dil De (2019)” — “Arif Lohar UK Tour (2019) — “Sanjha Punjab (2019) — “Beat of Change (2020)

Events in which we have provided support – include: “Simmer Down Festival (2016), (2017) (2018), (2019) “Big John Mela (2019) “Newcastle Mela (2019)” “Fight Night; Charity Boxing (2019)”

Many of our events have been held at exclusive venues throughout the UK such as O2 Apollo Arena, Wembley Arena, Symphony Hall, and the Alexandra Theatre.

What we can offer:

Services: music, film & video production, music label activities, publishing & distribution activities, recording facilities at one of our studios, events & artist management, photography, web, print and design, and complete project management.

We can also offer investment opportunities within our forthcoming events or productions.

Please feel free in getting in touch with our organization or even book a tour at one of our facilities.

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